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How will you handle the closing process coordination for my Buyer/Seller?

Buyers & Sellers generally need a lot of guidance. Our expert Transaction Coordinator(s) will set up a welcome call with your client(s) go over all information from scheduling appraisal/inspections to the closing table. We will keep in contact with you,  cooperating agent, loan officer and title company to make sure all of the "i's are dotted and t's are crossed." 

Depending on the service option you choose, we will even meet any inspectors at the property, so you don't have to. We will also, send you updates along the way, so you are fully informed.

What do I need to do as the Agent once I submit a contract?

Very little, actually! You will submit a contract via email, or through our website, be sure to include any contact information that you do have for your client, and anyone else of note (just so your client feels like the right hand and left hand are communicating.)

We will coordinate with the other agent (if any) Our Team will also set closing for you. We will remind you of any details, and if you would like, we will attend the closing and record a testimonial for you (provided client is willing). 

We make sure you can focus your efforts on helping new clients, and we take care of the rest.

What percentage of the final home sale price do you charge?

Our fees aren't based on the sales price. We focus on the time, effort and expertise provided to process a smooth closing experience for you and your client.

In these efforts, we offer several standard service options and will set up a meeting if our standard options don't fit your business needs.

We eliminate the need for you to set up W-2 employees, Federal Tax withholdings, and a tax nightmare. Plus, our service fees are tax deductible (consult your CPA for deduction of service fees as a business expense). 

How do I protect my relationship with my client?

Sailfish Coastal, Inc. is in the business of helping people. We are focused on growing with you and building long term relationships. In an effort to put your mind at ease though, we have a contract for services that each Agent and Sailfish Coastal, Inc. enter into along with a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement. Plus, all employees of Sailfish Coastal, Inc. sign a Confidentiality Agreement.


In short explanation, this contract solidifies the Agent/Servicer relationship. We will not approach your client in efforts to forge any relationship other than what has been agreed upon by you and Sailfish Coastal, Inc. 

To review the terms, please contact us.